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Sexy Summer….we’ve been gone for a while!

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Hello again Hoodoo Nation!

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? We’re wrapping up our winter tavern tour, and heading directly into the spring and summer schedule. I think it’s safe to say it’s finally summer now, right?

The festivals are starting fast and furious so be on the lookout for your favorite Blues ‘n’ Roll band. Sunday May 26th we will be headlining the 1st Annual Sandy Hook Blues Festival, called “Hookfest” in Hazel Green, WI. Then Sunday, June 9th, we’ll be rockin’ from the rooftop of the downtown Verona Park Bank building. Saturday June 22nd we’ll be in Rockford, IL for the “Field Of Blues Festival”, I think we’re playing centerfield! There’s lots more in between, including Madison, Wausau, Fort Wayne, and Minneapolis. Check our schedule to see when we’re playing near you!

We greatly appreciate all of our fans, and especially those that drive long distances to see us in nearby and far-away towns and cities. We love recognizing those faces we don’t expect to see, and always love it when you tell us about the first time you saw us play. All 3 of us love that you keep coming back again and again. I know y’all get a kick out of seeing the looks on our faces, so keep the stories coming!

There is a little surprise coming your way from us, just for being a fan. Anyone getting our newsletter will receive two tracks, recorded live at the Harmony Bar in Madison, WI the night of our CD recording. These two tracks WILL NOT be on the CD that will be released this summer. It’s just a little something to say thanks for the fanship and friendship. What will those tracks be? Now, what kind of surprise would it be if we just told you?

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