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Summer Roundup #1!

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Hello Hoodooligans!

Summer is here and we are loving it! The heat is on, but it hasn’t slowed us down. There have been some minor adjustments made to our show due to the heat, though. Mostly Aaron and Z wear t-shirts and vests now (rather than long sleeves), and Shack drinks water. Yes, Shack has learned that Coca-cola is not a hydrating liquid, and he wishes the Coke company would get on that right away.

We’ve had a great run so far this summer, and it’s looking like it will just keep on running. In May we played the beautiful Philmore Theater in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A few of our fans from there traveled all the way to New Diggens, WI to see us again the very next weekend! What a great surprise, thanks you two, you know who you are! The world’s largest Bratfest had us back for the fourth year in a row, but this time the fans were ready for us. There was one fan in particular that held up his chair for Shack to solo on! Drums, tables, chairs, you name it, if it doesn’t hurt, Shack will play it. He’s also offering free drumstick massages during “Drinking Blues”, just ask. In June we came back to the Fox Valley area and were featured on “Good Morning Wisconsin”, and what a time we had. There’s video on the Hoodoo website from Aaron, showing some of Shack‘s wonderful eating habits (, our 3 performances from the day are on YouTube, as well as some backstage antics and more in Shack’s Summer 2012 Road Diary (

We got back from Iowa, and boy what a run that was. I should say, “on the run”, since Aaron is now an outlaw driver. At least until he challenges the Iowa County Circuit Court. All I’m going to say is, “THAT much for only FIVE OVER?!?” But we made it there and back, made some new fans and new friends, and we’ll be coming back as soon as we’re allowed.

Check the Hoodoo store for all the new Hoodoo gear, so you can show and share your love for the Hoodoo, as well as the schedule for all of our upcoming shows. We don’t want to miss you when we’re in your ‘hood! Stay cool, stay hydrated, say hi at the next show, and we’ll see y’all on the road!

Peace, Love, and Music,

Aaron, Shack, and Z

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