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Lets eat a Tube Steak, shall we?

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Hello Hoodoo friends!

Yes, what a slap in the face the past few weeks have been for the Hoodoo. And I mean that in the best way possible. The end of spring has been hot outside with no rain up here in Madison, WI but that’s alright. We like it hot.

We can’t thank our Hoodoo friends enough for supporting our shows and telling everyone of your friends to come out to a Hoodoo show. We have had one Hoodoo party after another the past month.

We had the pleasure of performing on Good Day Wisconsin in Green Bay. We rocked a little cigarbox/washboard set for three songs. The hardest part about that gig is getting up at 530am. Bands aren’t suppose to ever see that time of day but we managed to crawl out of bed and put on our blues faces and jam out for three songs.

Most people that know Shack know he likes to eat. I’m not sure how he keeps his feminine figure with that crap he eats on the road. If it’s 3am and the restaurant is selling something with gravy on it, you can sure as shit believe Shack is going to order it and regret it in a few hours.

This past Friday morning after Good Day Wisconsin was no different. After the show at 9AM, the hosts had a grill out to end the show. Giving grilling tips and so forth. So they had a bunch of food leftover. They are good people on Good Day Wisconsin so they invite us over to eat the leftovers. Z and I are thinking the same thing, it’s 9am..where is the milk and yogurt or where is my bed for a nap. Not, Shack…Shack gets a huge grin on his face and takes off for the grill master, two minutes later he emerges with a rack a ribs half eaten and a Tube Steak, yes a tube steak at 9am. That is our Shack. Check out this video of Shack enjoying his Friday morning!

Shack Eats a Tube Steak Video

Late night Gas Station run:

1. Coke
2. Anything with Jalapenos
3. Chocolate Milk
4. Pop Tarts
5. Raw Almonds
6. Combo’s
7. 4 day old hot dog off a heating roller
8. Powerbar
9. Starburst
10. Tums

Can you match the item to the band member?

Thanks Hoodoo friends!

Aaron, Z and Shack

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  1. Shack
    6 years ago

    It’s Immodium, not Tums! :)


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