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The “Vitamin Z” Shirt Sale & The Hoodoo are Cover Boys!

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Hello friends,

The sale is on! The limited Edition “Vitamin Z” shirt sale. These shirts will be limited to a short run and will be signed by the man himself on bass, Z. Sale ends on Memorial Day, May 28th. All orders will ship the following week-


Show your Hoodoo love by getting this or buying for that Hoodoo fan that has everything else (we know who you are and we love you guys!)

Other doo-hicky’s:

We had the pleasure of playing one of the most beautiful venues, The Philmore on Broadway in Fort Wayne, IN this past weekend. We knew it was going to be a killer show, the day we embark on the road we get an awesome care package from Abby and Matt, see, they are pickle people. More specifically they are family of the biggest pickle factory in all of Fort Wayne, IN- the GREAT Sechlers Co.

We dug into those pickles the moment ol Billy Ba Roo pulled out of the driveway. Mmm, those were some damn good pickles! Be forewarned those spicy ones are in fact quite spicy…and much like the Hoodoo, they leave a dee-lious taste in your mouth for a few hours after you’ve digested them. Highly recommended.

Oh yea, the Philmore on Broadway. An amazing venue with the crew to top it all off. Thanks to Phil, Carrie and Tony for making the Hoodoo feel so welcome. If you’re ever in the area check it out and stop over and say hi. It’s worth it.

10 Hoodooligans:

1) Aaron, remember a damn spoon, will you. Eating cereal with a toothbrush is not recommended but will work in a bind.
2) Don’t give Shack an Iron that shoots steam out like a train engine. He’ll burn you, literally.
3) Tony Z hates drummers, Shack concurs.
4) Lafayette- Water Buffalo
5) Quote of the weekend “Honey badger don’t give a shit….”
6) Roller girls are awesome, everywhere.
7) A Hilton hotel floor is more comfortable and plush then Dicks Hideway Motels actual beds.
8) Fresh Ground BUTT STEAK is not what you think it is. It’s worse.
9) The Hoodoo have a craving for a Royapoolza Ribeye, Roy Barden..let’s make another deal?
10) Home fries equals hashbrowns

See you next time…..

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