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The Hoodoo Sell Out- Sioux Falls, SD and the CLAW MACHINE!

Posted on Friday, May 4, 2012 by admin 1 Comment

We’d like to thank all the Hoodoo friends for coming out last weekend to Old Skoolz in Sioux Falls, SD. It was our first time there and we had an absolute blast hanging out with you all. It was a great time and we can’t wait to come back….(November 9th and 10th!!)

Thanks to Lance for taking care of us and bringing in the Hoodoo boys to town. We’ll see you soon!

How to win at the CLAW MACHINE Video; By Eric “Chicken Shack” Shackelford

Now a bit of a rant:

We here at the Hoodoo take pride in eating the worst food after a gig. We’ve found a home like many other bands at a place called Dennys. “Moons of my Hami” or something like that was the driving force for our decision making skills.

Shack will find the absolute worse thing on the menu and order seconds. We’re talking country fried steak and all the gravy you can top on that thing. It looks like someone (Aaron’s) cat just puked up a hairball and Shack decides to eat it. To each there own. Aaron, he’s more of burger or french toast kind of guy. He always gets stares when ordering a burger at 3am and asking for a chocolate milk. That kid ain’t right. Z, well Z is the healthy one on the bunch. Or rabbit food as we call it. Z, will either order some kind of salad or some kind of fish. Fish from Dennys at 3am, what could go wrong.

But that is not what this rant is about, see the Hoodoo have mastered the claw game that sits outside of most Dennys lobby’s. At every stop, in every town that has a Dennys the Hoodoo have taken home a prize. We can’t divulge our secret see, but we can offer this piece of advice. Such as in life, it goes the same in the claw game….choose your target wisely and go after it….even if it takes a little force.

In the past two road trips the Hoodoo have come away with a Minnesota Twins foam hand, a “Nemo” stuffed Clownfish, an engagement ring (I’m sure it’s real) and a Three Stooges basketball. All this while only spending $2.50. That my friends, this is skill. We are offering the secret for a one time payment of $199.99…but if you act now we’ll add in those sweat pants that look like jeans (what the hell are those about, anyway?)

Best request of the weekend: Salt n peppa “Push it”
Best advice from a bar patron: I’m drunnkkk…can uuuu playyy a song for mmyyy dogggg.
Best Tshirt saying: Loud is Good.

We’ll see you on the road….

Aaron, Z and Shack

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  1. Chicken Shack
    6 years ago

    “It’s physics!”


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