Mississippi Blues Club Loves the Hoodoo | Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo

Mississippi Blues Club Loves the Hoodoo

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Hello friends,

It’s not every day that we get cool reviews, though we wish we did. The Mississippi Blues Club took time out and spoke with Aaron about the band and other interesting things. Check out the article and interview here.

Mississippi Blues Club- Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo Article

It’s always fun to get to talk to the blues lovers out there and say “The Hoodoo don’t sound like anyone else out there.” I think that is about the best thing anyone could say. The other two favorite things we love to hear is, “you sure do put out a lot of sound for three guys” and “you guy’s look like you’re having the time of your life up there!” We love that one, because we really do love what we do. It’s not faking, it’s not work…it’s pure enjoyment for us.

See y’all soon!

Aaron, Shack and Z

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