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From the “Shacks” Mouth!!

Posted on Monday, May 14, 2012 by admin 3 Comments

Hello Hoodoo Nation!

Is it really May already? We’ve been keeping our noses to the grindstone for so long I’m surprised we can still smell anything. Luckily, Aaron, Z, and myself, Shack, can all still smell just fine. It was proven to us when we opened up the van last weekend. Wooooweeeee, I think it’s finally time for it’s spring cleaning!

What have we been up to? Here’s a little roundup of our latest goings on. The band is up for 9 Madison Area Music Awards this year, (Rock Song “Devil’s Playground”, Blues Song (“10:49”), Blues Album, Blues Artist, Drummer, Bassist, Guitarist, and Vocalist of the year, and the big one, Artist of the Year). And guess what? You can still vote! It’s a $5 dollar donation, which all goes towards donating instruments to schools with music programs in need. Please, vote here:

Vote for the HOODOO HERE!

Speaking of awards, Aaron went to Appleton for the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Awards and came home with the award for Blues Artist of the year! The whole band was honored to be recognized, especially since we have such respect and have played alongside almost all of the other nominees in the same category (Jimmy V. from “The Jimmys” played organ and piano on “10:49” even!). Thank you!

If you have never studied Carl Jung, or if you are not a fan of The Police, you might not have heard of the term “Synchronicity”. A good example of synchronicity would be the events of a few weekends ago. At the same time that the Wisconsin Film Festival was going on in Madison, WI (our hometown), we were in Dubuque, IA playing the opening night at the Juliene Film Festival, while on that same weekend at the Nashville, TN film festival there was a premiere of a movie titled, “Hell or High Water: The Story of the Nashville Roller Girls” in which the Hoodoo tunes “Boom, Boom” and “Devil’s Playground” are included! We felt like Hollywood Stars! Z and I started practicing speaking like celebrities, “Where’s my limo?”, “Only brown M&M’s!”, and “My contract says Fiji, NOT Dasani!!” I think we’re ready for the big time!

What else is new? We’ve got some new items for sale online and at our shows, and in case you missed it, we dropped the price of our first CD “It Ain’t Easy” to only $5. It’s at least twice as nutritious as a Subway footlong with half the calories! If you’ve seen us live lately, you know we’re already road testing a few new tunes, so keep an ear out. Z, Aaron, and myself all have new tunes in rotation that we are singing and we have many more on the way.

We always love your responses, especially when we hear you want us to play in your town! Keep spreading the word of the Hoodoo, Thank you Hoodoo Nation.

Our question is:

All 3 of members of Aaron Williams & The Hoodoo are animal lovers, but only 2 of us have pets. Which two, and what are the pets?

A) Z and Shack – birds

B) Aaron and Z – dogs

C) Shack and Aaron – cats

D) Z and Shack – horny toads

Eric “Chicken Shack” Shackelford


  1. Scott Brewer
    6 years ago

    Shack: are you related to the famous hero and Artic explorer Shackleford?


  2. Shack
    6 years ago

    He’s survived through icy tundras, I’ve survived icy women, but that’s the only relation.


  3. Teresa
    6 years ago

    I’m guessing the answer is C, but I could be wrong.
    I know I’m not wrong about you guys being the best band since….. well, there’s no comparison.
    Peace, Love and Chicken Grease!


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