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Armed Forces Giveway- Memorial Weekend: The Hoodoo Thank You.

Posted on Friday, May 25, 2012 by admin 3 Comments

Hello friends,

Instead of offering everyone a discount like most stores do during the Memorial Weekend, we, The Hoodoo want to offer the men and women of the Armed Forces a huge THANK YOU by giving you the gift of music.

We are going to give any man or woman of the Armed Forces a free copy of our award winning, Grammy nominated album, “10:49” this weekend. All you need to do is EMAIL US HERE

We’ll pick up the cost of shipping and handling. This is a COMPLETELY FREE, no strings attached thank you! *while supplies last*

Please include the following information in the email/message:
1. Name
2. Branch of the Armed Forces you are/were apart of.
3. Rank (any rank is eligible)
4. Mailing Address to send the copy of “10:49” to.
*We’d love a picture of you in uniform or in the field to post on our page- with your permission of course!

Please feel free to pass this thank you on to anyone you know that is serving/served in the US Armed Forces. It is Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo’s small way of saying thank you for giving us the freedom to live and play the music we love in this great country.

Thank you!

Aaron, Z and Shack


  1. Andy
    6 years ago

    Army, e-2 2636 milwaukee st, Madison, Wi. 53704 and thanks guys


  2. Gill
    6 years ago

    Your’s is very moving version of TSSB. And your offer of a free album is pretty damn cool.

    Praying for Peace.



  3. Jan West
    6 years ago

    You guys are just the BEST!!!! What a great gift to honor our hero’s!


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