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Back to the road-

Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 by admin No Comments

It’s time we hit the road again, we’ll be staying closer to home while it’s snowing and drifting. Our last ride from St. Louis to Madison in a Blizzard taught us a lesson- don’t do it! It’s not a fun night changing a blown tire at 4am in the morning while it’s snowing sideways.

The good thing is, we all know how to change a tire in Ford 350 cargo van now and it shouldn’t take 2 hours! Sorry, we were to upset to take any pictures but the warm cookies upon arriving back in the van was worth it (thanks Karla!).

The end of February we’ll be making stops in Wausau, WI at Intermission, our home away from home. Grafton, WI at the Grafton Ale House, where some of our strongest followers come out. And last but not least in Dubuque, IA at Murphs South End Tap. Last time we played at Murphs it was so packed you couldn’t shake a tail feather, next time our stage is fair game!

The Hoodoo will see y’all real soon…..

Aaron, Shack and Z

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